View Thread: pimpin minivans

does anyone know where i could find some more pimped out vans w/grond effects, etc.. like the ones in Japan from that link that preludedriver posted? i dont know whether i hate it or love it......i mean who wouldnt want all that space, and a damn nice looking car to boot?.............then again, its a MINIVAN:badass:

After driving a few minivans, I've decided I enjoy driving them more than SUVs. They ride like cars, and get car gas mileage, plus have more useable space than a SUV.

The only problem is that they're ugly, and have a bad stigma attatched to them. Because of that, I'm more likely to buy an SUV.

A good compromise would be one of the new crossover vehicles like the Infiniti FX45. Car engine, car handling and power, but looks cool.

Too bad they don't put captains chairs in them. That's what I like about minivans the most.