View Thread: anybody here do any wheeling?

If so, where are you at and what is your rig?

what is wheeling.

You know, going offroad, typically with 4wd. Bush wacking, trail blazing, off roading, whatever you want to call it.

also the 2nd largest city in wv (not saying much) and my home turf (saying alot :bigbounce ) No one fucks with Z cars in that town

Sia Bani
I used to before i changed my wheels and tires. Lotsa stories, lotsa fun.

Dominican S4 has a great story he could tell you. If that lazy ass ever posted.

i'll post some in a little while.

Not as funny as this one....My friend adam, major jackass....93 hyundia excell....decided he wanted to go out 4 wheeler paths....lasted about half an hour untill he cuaght a good 6 feet of air and landed in a mudhole...i think the car is still there......This picture was taken only mintues before the car's demise

Sia Bani
Domincan's is definately funnier.

Is getting towed from the tow hooks out of a river, front fascia gets ripped off. 1 week before the Land Rover Disco's lease was up.The look on his face. Hilarious.

I guess you could say I go 4 wheeling, but generally sort of as an offshoot to getting where I need to go when hunting or fishing. I was just out this weekend going through 6 or 8 inches of snow up a tractor trail and through some fields--kind of amusing just because it was really windy where I went so there were some pretty big drifts to bust through. There is one trail I took my gf on just to show her where we go shoot sometimes that is actually a 4wheeler trail through the woods--at that time I had an old 87 bronco II (those things are great I must say) and we're bouncing along through the woods w/ branches scraping down both sides (because its a 4 wheeler trail and not really intended for larger vehicles) and she said something like "holy crap--I didn't realize you were taking it places like THIS--I have alot more respect for this old piece of crap now..."--(just to GET to the 4 wheeler trail you go on this pretty rutted up dirt road that runs next to a small lake at one point and is often pretty well flooded depending on the time of year). It was kind of funny (my passenger side mirror was left dangling after that excursion actually).

Now I have a 94 Ranger I use--have to say the two Bronco's I owned before that were MUCH better off road.

Remind me and I'll tell the story of the two inbred's I thought I was going to have to shoot the last time she and I were out on that same dirt road...

I'll tell you what, wheeling rules. Fast cars are definately a blast, but limit you to 50% of the fun you can experience with automobiles. The other 50% is in the realm of off road exploration made possible by 4wd vehicles. My sig at the car and driver forum used to be "Being a 4wd and sports car enthusiast lets you have double the fun." I think that's the truth. Plus it gives you two seperate avenues to blow money on mods. I am a cyclic beast, right now I'm going through one of my 4wd predominant phases. It happens, next I'll go through a " I need to sell my truck and get a fast car phase" at least my schisms are predictable. I've been planning my new truck mod, an OME heavy duty lift and a nice wheeling trip in the San Juans of Colorado next summer this week. Damn, I can't wait!