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The towing company I work for has had every truck we have working for the past 4 days! For awhile here it was like really warm here, well, as warm goes in the middle of winter. So, most of our snow had melted. Monday night it was snowing here but it was just melting as soon as it hit the ground. Then, it suddenly got really cold. Now, we have skating rinks for roads. Despite the fact that I dont have anything with RWD, driving is fun again! Except that people have forgot how to drive on ice!!!!!! Or snow! The number of vechiles that we've pulled out of ditches is insane! Except for the odd front clip, nothing is damaged but people freak out. Anyone else noticed this trend in the resent cold snap?

I had the Civic's rear end drifting last night!!

-34 C with windchill.

About -30 F for imperial folks.

Run Away
About -30 F for imperial folks.
I got ya beat. :fro:

Last week Monday we hit -37 C with the windchill. Brrrr
And we forgot to plug in the car. :banghead: Still started right up though. :cool:
Toyota superiority. :p