View Thread: My Autosport International 2004 Review

What a day!

Got picked up by one of the drivers in his 2002 BMW M3 at 7:30am (too early for me!). Arrived in the pissing down rain at 9am and ran to the show hall. Now for the pictures.

Roush engineering. The driver Gareth apparently knew someone who works for their subsidary, so we hung around abit, here is the engine out of the Ford GT:

Moving on to the F1 grid:

The new TVR Sagaris. Looks alot neater and less wild than it did in the photos i saw beforehand:

The baby brother of the quickest car at the ring 24hour this year. Unfortunately being quick is no use if you cant get to the finish line:


The HKS R33 Drag spec GT-R. I also saw Mario from exvitermini on this stand:
i wish i had a hairdryer like that :D:

The car that came home 1st in this years LeMans, complete with tyre shards and shit all over it:

The new Impreza STi WR1. No specs released yet, i can only guess that it'll be in competition to the Evo VIII FQ-330:

The car Petter Solberg brought home to win in this years WRC:

Radical SR3 Turbo. New Nurburgring road car lap record holder:

The Prodrive stand was damn cool:

Somehow i cant see myself spending 6000 for a carbon lip spoiler:
Even if it does look nice:

Lets hope it fairs a little better than 2002:

Interesting welding on the exhaust assembly of the Jaguar's Ford Cosworth F1 engine:

X-Trac box, the best IMO, and that of most people from what i can gather:

WRC cars:
This looks mean, although i never knew WRC cars had drum brakes :D

Some old cars:

This is a work of art, you really cant appreciate it in photographs (especially blurred ones :D):
You dont get that kind of detail anywhere else, leather straps to fasten the bodywork down. Thats why this car costs so much:

The best shot of the 911 GT3RS i could get:


M3 engined Mini in the Britcar Championship. 375bhp if i remember rightly in a MINI!!! (I believe this was at Abbey Motorsport the other week?) Our driver knew the owner somehow:

And to save the best until last:

Galleria Ferrari

The Ferrari exhibition alone made the whole thing worth it. Every Ferrari worth seeing was there.

Other highlights included seeing Mario from on the HKS stand, and various celebrities dotted around.

Definitely worth going again, probably the best car show ive been too. And i still cant get over how nice the E46 M3 is in every respect. As a 4 seater sports car i dont think much can touch it.

PHEW. I just clicked submit and internet explorer locked up. Id have been SO pissed off if id lost all that.

daaaaamn, awesome pictures!

can't wait to go to my first auto show :(

more here:

Awesome pics man!! :rock:

Seeing the Bentley LeMans in real life is pretty amazing and that goes for pretty much any race car, excluding NASCAR. AND OH MY those Ferraris... :smileysex

could you fix the link for the Radical SR3-Turbo? you've got a repeat there.

Next week I will have plenty of pics. Put it this way, there will be over 700 cars there. Detroit rules! HAHA