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Yes, I bought another game. This ons has rice than all of China. :banghead: The first vechile you get is a POS. In career mode, you dont get to choose your car. You have to beat this fat guy who gives you his riced slow ass Civic. Then you go to the next race. FART CANNONS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :curse: WTF is wrong with the people that make these games? Goddamnit! Its not enough to make everything slow and jerky, but it has to have rice!? Come on! This is getting real fucking annoying. I wouldnt even recomend this to someone I dont like!

I thought it was fun for a little bit. The Viper and stuff you get later on is pretty cool, and things you unlock like the two-wheeling and stuff is cool. It gets old really quick though

I got the 1st one and got real bored real quick. NFSU is a lot more fun.