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SLP Addict
Well, camaros sold, got cash in my pocket, Lookin to get a 80's civic coupe or crx or hatch, light as hell, just looking for 13's, Not gonna go crazy on this, just suspension, maybe a t3 turbo and afew bolt ons.

So where is the money going to come from now? :eek:

dude try this on for size, take a pignose s13 (sohc 89-90) blown motor, 250 bucks.....go to a junkyard and a ka24de head, get all new gaskets and a set of sohc style pistons....a little hybrid vigor leads a a fresh new ka with a comp raio of 11.6:1 and wont set you back too much, then you can save your cash for suspension mods...btw this setup ka will put about 200 poines down

i think every single one of your posts either include the phrases S12/S13 or KA k6 :fro: :fro:

cheap speed :rock: can take a pignose s13 down to 2000 pounds with free wieght reduction..then couple that with a 200 hp high torque motor and it SCREAMS track car...just add a 200 dollar lsd and presto! :sarah:

Sia Bani
Ya seriously...I really enjoy reading kicker's ideas. Kicker, if I ever developed a shop, you'd be the guy I'd go to for ideas on how to create cheap speed!

and more then likely pay the least :sarah:

why dnt you buy a few cars, keep them stock, and sell them on at a profit until youve got enough cash to buy something you really want to go for. its not difficult, youd be amazed at how much more people are willing to pay for a standard car with blacked tyres, polished wheels and a nice wash inside and out.

I like the S13 idea from Kicker...........but why not buy a SR20DET motor for it while you're at it :) :fro:

better yet, how about a 2JZ-GTE

that would be spending money he doesnt have.....everythuing from my pignose idea is junkyard parts :)

yeah, but that's why i threw the smilies in there. i realize he's on a budget

but it's an interesting idea tho.

shit i might do it for myself......i have been loking to get a bit more pep int he s14 and could get more hp then a stock sr20 like this......get the ehad ported and polished, bore the throttle body, advance the timing to be correct for the higher compression ratio....damn i could get parts for this plan for like 150 bucks and a headjob wouldnt be too expensive....this would be perfect..i would have my power, still be able to source parts...slap a header on there and holy poo poo........honestly i think i could get up to about 230 flywheel hp this way.....think 11.7:1 compression, i/h/e, port and polish head, then maybe a set of cams from a 91-93 ka (hottest from the factory, made up for lower compression pistons) doing this my ability to rev would be increased a bit since the sohc pistons were lighter.....i'm sooooo going to the junkyard this weekend.....maybe i can find an lsd too while im at it..........excuse my drunken ramblings if they mean nothing to you