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Hi! My name is (who?)... My name is (what)... My name is
Rice Burner!
Hi kids, do you like 5 inch tips?,
Wanna see me stick chrome fender flares over each one of my Konigs?
Wanna follow me and do exactly as I did?
Try NOS and get your motor f***ed up worse then my life is?
My brain's dead weight,
I'm trying to get my head straight,
but I can't figure out which sticker to put over my license plate.
And the mechanic says "Rice Burner you's a crack head"
"Then why's your car dead, man its wasted "
Well since age 9 I've wanted an Si so I could put chrome 18's on it and
make it run 16.9's.
Got pissed off and ripped all my Honda emblems off,
And replaced them with "R" badges so people know I'm not soft.
I smoke a big bowl of chron, lay in my lawn
For longer then it took me to put my altezzas on.
"Come here bastard" "Dude, wait a minute that's a mustang, dawg!!"
I don't give a f***; I'll just fly by and put my hazards on!
Hi! My name is (who?)... My name is (what)... My name is
Rice Burner!
I pull up to the starting line, from a fifty roll I'm usually fine,
But dem godd@mn V8 Ponies smoke me all the time.
99% of my crew I have to lie to,
I just found out a salad shooter makes more torque than I do,
My chrome 15's own, my Integra's a Type-R clone,
****, even my kanji decals are worth 10 horsepower alone.
Hi! My name is (who?)... My name is (what)... My name is
Rice Burner!
Stop the race, this car needs to be locked away.
Not even Justin Timberlake in drag is this gay.
I talk a mad line of jive, at the track I barely survive,
But an 8 foot aluminum wing looks bitchin on a front wheel drive.
Hi! My name is (who?)... My name is (what)... My name is
Rice Burner

Lmao! Where the hell did you pull that off of?

That... is... AWESOME! :cheers:

"love my honda like I love my ganga
smokin V8's like a smoke marajuana"

what song is that from? it's some stupid honda rap, but I can't find it anymore