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hey guys i can get a rb20det front clip from an r32 for 1000 bucks plus shipping...should i jump on it for the 240 or is it not the good deal it feels like in my "man region"

An RB would be tight! Go for it man.

i'm not going for "tight" appeal or simply something differnt, im just trying to see whats the best move to make on it. More then likely it'll have a ka in it till I'm out of school, then after one like to keep the handling so these 6's are scaring me with girth...fuck itll end up being an sr i know it, just from the weight....maybe a vet tho after a little bore and stroke to a 2.2

personally id wait for an SR. unless you want to go really mad and squeeze an RB26 in there :naughty:

another thought does the 3S-GTE fit? I would have thought it was possible, thats a killer engine.

see i dont wanan go all out nuts on the s14, this is my daily driver now and takes alot of wieght of the z's sholders and allows it to take the step from being a painful daily driver to a stright up track car...then again i cant think of too many other daily driver's packing gt2535's :devil:

all this nissan jargon, why cant they just call it a blah blah enhine with blah blah blah displacement

in a way they do. SR is the engine series, 20 is the displacement, det is twin cam turbocharged.

Yeah...Nissan really has one of the better engine nomenclature setups.