View Thread: Chevrolet Announces SSR Signature Series

The first 25 saleable Chevy SSRs produced will be used in a unique launch program that will create one-of-a-kind "pedigrees" for each vehicle. Both the vehicles and the program carry the name "Signature Series." Production of the Signature Series SSRs will take place between December 2002 and April 2003. They will be used in a variety of high-profile launch activities around the country during the 2003 calendar year, and many will be part of themed events created specifically around the SSR.

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Sia Bani
god that's ugly, but there are crazy people out there...

I think it's rather cool.

Ken-Arild Kristiansen

eric rxb
The front is pretty ugly, the rest of it ain't that bad

It seems like a neon and an el camino got it on and had loads of ugly babies.....This may be west virginia but we don't stand for car trucks around here!

SLP Addict
its different, but im sure it will quickly fit it, it looks like the front off of a old 50's pickup and............i dunno about teh back

its an ugly and bad idea that chevy came up with and its not to powerful or useful either

no way o love the look of this car...
it's a differnt cr than most peopel see, and thats what makes it so appealing to me.

It's kinda cut man.. like lil baby.

What the hell would you classify that as?

id classify it as a carck ( a truck and car or a dead carckas)

btw i know thats not the way to spell carcass

It's uhhh...different...

I don't happen to believe different is always better though.

I like that car and its smoothly flowing lines

eric rxb
I say GM should just give up on this thing.

Agreed, I hope it doesn't sell.

eric rxb
I almost feel bad for them. What sucks is that this is one of the few car's that GM put alot of work into, esp on stuff like the interior.

pffft, haters on chevy. i like the car. I think it's good that they put they mind on something concept-ish.
So now in the future, they can actually kep up with the rest of the manufacturers.

i liked it at first but it's wore on me.

Young Tae Byun
I think the Chevrolet SSR looks great with the power to match for a truck. It looks the prices for these trucks will skyrocket the first year since the demand is so high and the supply is so low ... kind of like what happened with the Mazda Miatas in the early 90s when it was first introduced.

Reminds me of the 1950 Chevy pickup sitting in my driveway. I love it.