Hi, new here.
Looking for ideas. My ole buddy Ken Nelson will be in Central Texas for an exhibition run at San Antonio Mar 26 & 27, then be arounf for a couple weeks till time to run Abilene in April.

He has the Wheel-Standing School Bus called "Cool-Bus" goes all the way thru the 1/4 mi on the back wheels with lots of pyrotechnics

In the meantime I'd like to find some shows or runs of some kind in that time frame. anyone with contacts with large GM dealers or anythihng that needs to pull interested auto enthusists would be a potential gig.

please drop me a note with your ideas

welcome man


all the pyrotechnics is nice but how fast is it goin when doin it......i dont care on how it looks i just wanna see it do it FAST :devil:

the cool bus is seriously the coolest thing ever. Thing does a pretty quick quarter, but the face it does a wheelstand the entire quarter is awesome. I was at the drags with my dad and saw it go, they also had a wheelstanding fire truck, which was awesome as well. Then the fire truck blew its motor and caught on fire, and the real firetruck had to come and put the fire out. ahahaha that was the best.

Sia Bani
I think we've all seen the clip on actually. I find it really cool when people sign up and they're the actual people taping or driving!