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I have a regular mechanic I go to for things I can't really do myself (like having tires mounted), and when I was there to have the snows put on he had hired a new guy to help out. I get along great w/ the owner and the one guy he's had working there up until now, but I'm not so sure about the latest fella. He starts right in w/ "SO, them things as fast as they say?" To which I just replied "well, its reasonably quick, not sure if I'd say its fast w/ all the new cars coming out".
He immediately says "yeah, wanna race?" Now I have an idea which car out there must be his, but politely say "why, what've you got out there". He says "That Z24 out there is mine (oooogly car--old model, big wing, just nasty, various stickers) "I've had all kinds of stuff done on it--it'll do a 1/4 in 10 seconds--I must have $10,000 in that car...". I then had to feign interest for the next 10 or 15 minutes of his extolling his cars virtues and how he's from Jersey and really kicked butt down there. :rolleyes: I should have just said "yeah, why don't we race tomorrow (when we got the last big snow storm)
but I figured I'd be diplomatic. I'm wondering if this guy will last, and sort of hoping not...

Man, that was an ooogly car...

Rotary Boy
uh oh dude. I hear those things are almost as fast as montero's

87 Supra Turbo
As fast as a Montero you say? Looks like Scubes is gonna need to make a trip to the nitrous shop. I think he'll need two bottles. Big ones. :rolleyes:

Sia Bani
Put money on it!

Well, you never know, you CAN mod anything to be really fast. You'd just have to be an idiot to bother to mod a piece of crap like that...

I'll have to remember to snap a pic of it next time I'm over that way under the guise that its such a nice car... :p