View Thread: Why does my car allow me to shift manually?

I have discussed this with MD already but how come in my Accord, as in most automatics, it allows me to shift manually through D1, D2, D3, D?

Does this mess up the tranny at all?

I've done it, but wouldn't recommend it. The gears are basically there for towing something... or towing something going up a hill, toqure is a big factor there and that's what'll do it.

Did I get it right guys?

91 Integra
I think so, Dave. My own car being a stick, whenever I drive my mom's slushie Focus, I like to downshift while slowing down, so I'd bring the selector out of overdrive, then into second, then into first. I was told that it isn't too good for the tranny though, so I stopped.

I don't see much of a point to it, though. Sure, it's useful when you need to hold a gear, but when are you ever going to need to hold a gear while driving a Focus? Not like you're towing anythere where you can't let it shift into overdrive.

Now I just use them when driving in 25 zones to prevent it from shifting into overdrive. I'll keep it in second gear, so that way it doesn't have to kick down when I want to speed up. I hate that in automatics, you can't just floor it and gradually accelerate to the desired speed while staying in a higher gear. It has to downshift and get all jerky. Bugs the heck out of me!

those gears are there for going up hills and towing, nothing else.

Sia Bani
What Penn said.

On old 3 series' (e36), you'd see the same thing, but then there'd be a switch on the side with A & you'd put it in M when you wanted to shift manually.

Don't do it with your car.

You'll never use the D1.


D2: use this for STEEP downhill grades so you don't killl your pads.
use this for the same uphill grade, if the auto tranny isn't shifting or shifting too much.
use it in snow or slippery conditions. This D2 may allow the car to start in 2nd instead of 1st. Newer cars do this when there's a D2.

D3...downhills, not too steep
performance driving, higher end, obviously not top end though.

The only time I've ever used it in the GP is trying to spin tires (1) or if I get stuck in snow. I wouldnt worry about doing it since its a lease :p