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Rotary Boy
My freind adam just showed up at my house few seconds ago with Apple_jacks and they had somthing to show me, Adam has been on the mission to find our company and race team a new recovery and towing vehicle, we have been using his F350 but it was leased and the lease is up, so we have to spend company money(ughhh) to get a new dedicated truck

well here is what we got an international harvester rollback flatbed tow truck, it's a monster, boy am i glad I have already got my CDL becuase this thing is a monster. the flatbed is a rollback, which means it tilts and moves back like 12 feet so you can just winch or drive the car up it and then the flatbed returns to normal position. it's not even really a tow truck, more of a wrecker. it was damn cheap and has a DT466 (466ci turbo I6) thats a freaking school bus(and dumptruck) motor, so this thing is gonna have torque. and it's not really too huge , just the cab and the bed. this is going to kick ass, a while back at this rally we could barely haul the organizers truck out with adams F350 lariat(it's bad when competitors are pullng the organizer out of mud) with this thing, oh man, we are never going to have cars stranded at tracks and this truck will serve alot of roles for us, we can now pick up a car and take it to the shop, bypassing a wrecking service all together and lowering our customers fee's(while making some more profit for the shop), and the best part is the thing is just outstandingly ugly, it's grey/green with black wheels and a nonmatching silver hood, I really need to take a pic of the turbo to show you the size of the thing(big as a basket ball)

87 Supra Turbo
That's pretty sweet. Another plus is that people will think much higher of your shop if you have your own means of towing it. Well you may have to throw a cheap coat of paint on but nevertheless it's damn cool.

Sia Bani
pics man!

SLP Addict
Sounds bad ass, congrads!

sweet deal!

having been present at the pick up of this vehicle I can test for it's awesome-ness, it's just flat out huge. and the motor is nuts considering the trucks weight, the thing wieghs like twenty thousand pounds with nothing on the bed and it is by no means fast but it can get out it's own way.

Nice choice International is a good brand, plus the that type of flat bed gives you ease of operation and saves time, plus it keeps the vehicle off the ground. Sweeeet