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"its a turbo rotary? with headers? and pistons and all that right?"
:banghead: :D

i cant see the depravity that is being portrayed here but i can hear it.........

i have realized..........

stupidity is contagious.... :bat:

Sia Bani
HAHAHAH! Damn ricer. :devil:

That is very sad. It isn't even a GT either, it is the lowly V6 'Stang. I could probably take him in my truck.

Well, not really, but as soon as I get that Lightning badge for it, that is like another 75 horsepower at least.


Thats on the Mischief 3000 DVD on the special features for anyone has that. Very funny tho!


Nice try

:rolleyes: ;)

this has been moved from racing to general? i could have sworn i put it there in the first place?

Sia Bani
you put it in General in the first place, right?

I had to MERGE the threads with another one that somebody posted in racing, for some odd it ended it up there after the merger. Then I moved it back.

Guys, (namely the mods), use the Merge feature when we have a bunch of duplicate threads.

Grassy ass.

shit, now my previous post makes no damn sense at all :thumbsdow :finger: