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91 Integra
Howdy folks... my car key is old and pretty boring to look it. It has signs of wear, too, being 13 years old. I want a new key, just for the heck of it, but the hardware stores and places like Meijer only have plain, boring, black keys like the one I already have, however, they don't say Acura.

I saw a key a few summers ago that was pretty cool... for an Acura, it had a neat design and didn't look like any regular car key. I was going to get it cut for my car, but I didn't have my car keys on me at the time. That was in California, and I obviously can't run back there to grab a new car key, so I'm wondering if there are any places around here that would have interesting keys for my car. I've seen lots of cool ones, different colors, and with designs on the plastic part, but none for a Honda/Acura. Anybody know of any place to find those?

I need a ford turbo coupe key... but if i were you i'd go to the dealer and see what they have.