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Trucker crashes while changing clothes

Associated Press
November 11, 2003

LAPORTE, Ind. -- A truck driver crashed his semitrailer while trying to change clothes as he drove 60 mph on a northern Indiana highway, police said.

Terry Gilmore, 59, of Ohio, told investigators he had set his cruise control so he could change clothes while driving on U.S. 6 Monday night about 25 miles southwest of South Bend, the LaPorte County Sheriff's Department said.

He misjudged a curve and rolled the truck off the road and into two fences, police said. Gilmore was not seriously injured, but was taken to LaPorte Hospital as a precaution.

The crash caused officers to close a portion of the road for more than three hours.

A witness told investigators she found Gilmore naked when she went to check on him right after the accident.

No charges were filed in the crash, police said. A hometown for Gilmore was not available from police.

Of course he was from Ohio. :cool:

He probably just said he was changing as an explanation for why he was naked...

scubie, thats exactly what I was gonna say.