View Thread: Kennedy's motorcade car

Is for sale

On Ebay of course (

Talk about historical :wow:

Doesn't look like it is actually the car he was shot in though:

his magnificent 1963 Lincoln Continental (Vin # 3Y86N409953), is the vehicle President John Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connelly used for their motorcade through Fort Worth Texas on the morning of November 22, 1963.

Loaned to the Secret Service after a complete examination, this is in fact the last vehicle President Kennedy rode in just prior to the Dallas motorcade.

Sounds like it's the next to last car he rode in...

Goes to show that really everything can go up for sale on ebay. Even historical artifacts.

I think old conintentals are awesome. I want one of the ones with suicide doors. In black, evil lookin. :D Might as well put one of those cammer 5.0 engine's in it too.

Yep, second to last car he rode in. Of course with that interior it wouldn't be that hard to clean up if that was the car he got shot in.

I'd want some proof of the provenance though...anybody could SAY "yeah, this is the second to last car kennedy was in...".

Lucky its not one that Teddy was'd never get rid of the water damage...

How's this?

That works for me!