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French transport minister caught speeding amid road safety campaign

PARIS (AP) - Amid a countrywide crackdown on reckless driving, two French ministers were caught speeding as their cars raced outside Paris - to an unveiling ceremony for new radar speed traps, a French auto magazine said Monday.

An article to appear in the latest issue of Auto Plus says its reporters used hand-held radars that recorded Transport Minister Gilles de Robien cruising out of the capital at 98 kilometres per hour on a road with a maximum speed limit of 70 km/h. The car chauffeuring law-and-order chief Nicolas Sarkozy, the interior minister, was clocked at 103 km/h, said the article, which was released ahead of publication Tuesday.

Both cars were driving out to a Paris suburb last month for a ceremony to unveil the country's first automatic roadside radars that film speeding drivers, who incur fines.

De Robien's office said the minister "did not contest the facts that seem to have been revealed."

"The fact that he was running late on this particular day and being escorted by a security convoy is no excuse," his office said. "Nobody is above the laws of the road - and certainly not the transport Minister."

Sarkozy's office said in a statement that he was "verifying the conditions under which the speeds were recorded," adding that the "minister's vehicle was travelling in a secured environment behind two police motorcyclists who set the speed of the cortege."

The radar initiative is part of a campaign by the centre-right government to try to curtail the carnage on French roads, where roughly 8,000 people die annually - more than in any other European Union country. The campaign has included stepped-up police checks against drunk and speeding drivers.

Sia Bani
hahha, that's awesome.

I don't eat french fries anymore, I eat freedom fries!!! :rb:

The french are awful drivers. WHen I was there years aho they would basically aprk on the sidewalks and such in all kinds of bizarre ways, there were ALWYA sirens in the background in Paris, and I was told that the cops really didn't care about how fast you went or what you did as long as you didn't have an accident (when I commented on how fast they went and crazily they drove).

I actually sort of liked that mindset though myself...

The french are awful drivers.

Coming from an American :fro:

That needs to happen here in the states real bad.