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87 Supra Turbo
I took my MX6 to the Mazda dealership last weekend to have the clutch replaced (see: 4000rpm launch on OEM clutch...BAAAD) and basic tune up work. It cost me about a $1000 in total, but I must say, the guys there really took care of the little things. The drivers seatbelt had a twist in it that I've just been too lazy to fix myself and they just did it for me without saying anything. They also replaced the drive axle seals and only charged me $15 labour, it was actually less than the seals themselves.

So anyhoo, if you live in the Calgary area and you're looking for a Mazda, hit up the guys at Kramer Mazda, they'll take care of ya.

Sorry for the shameless spam there.


Sia Bani
I love that man. Receiving great service like that makes the experience sooo much better. You don't mind dishing out the 1k nearly as much as before because of the way they treat you.

Oh, and on a board like this, it's great to have personal experiiences with dealers, tuners, etc left as feedback. Wish we had more of this kind of discussion.

Oh and we surely don't mind getting this "spam" from you as a reg/mod here because we know you. now if someguy labeled "Mazda dealership in wherever" comes here and says how his service was great...we'd potentially delete it.