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i was sittin here yesterday reminiscing of sittin in the fairlady z at the auto show on staurday. thats when i realized,i dont want a fairlady, i want to go older! i never realized it but i am in love with the datsun 240z! :rock: i have since set up a way to be able to afford a semi-restored one by post graduation (which is only late spring :sarah: ) what do you guys think of the car that started the z-revolution? i just think the car looks so fine, and the interior is very similar to the new gen z..

these are pics i pulled off (can be ricey but gems like this pop up too)

Go for it! There was a badass 240Z in my neighborhood for a little while but the guy moved out of town pretty quickly. It sounded amazing but Im not sure which engine it had.

I love 'em. You should see if you can find vids of a guy named darius who has a 240Z with a supercharged LT1 in it. sick car.

A friend of mine has a white '79 (methinks) 280Z that looks fantastic, it was my first experience with a Jap sports car, and I liked :D

in other words, go for it :thumbsup:

240Z = best Z ever, sorry 350Z and Z32 owners, :p

My first car was a 260Z and I wish I still had it. One thing to watch out for if the car has lived in the snow belt is rust. Back in the '70's all cars rusted, but Datsun used thin steel on the Z and 510 to keep weight down, and they rot out really quickly.

Yeah, definately look for one out of the rust belt zones.

I too have always loved the 240Z. The original 240's were nice and light too. The 2.4 liter sohc inline 6 had 150hp in US trim. It had two SU carbs and the smooth revving character that only comes from an inline six. If I ever saw a nice early example in original, unmolested condition, and happened to be looking for a car at that point, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one myself. The Japanese market had a dohc 220hp version of the 240, I wonder if you can import these motors or the heads from them. They make pretty nice track cars too, really competitive in SCCA ITS class competition.

Go for it. :cheers:

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My dad had a sweet 240 (or 280, don't remember) when I was a kid. He kept the keys and "Z" keychain... I still have those.

can't find a much better start palce for a sports car, you can cram just about anything you want int hat engine bay and theres 30 years worth of aftermarket on the suspension :sarah: