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Will the Ford GT40 live up to its impressive heritage as a "Ferrari Killer"?

Sia Bani

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Not sure yet. The reviews have made it seem that way.

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All the specs say it will beat the piss out of the Modena, and do it for less money! :cheers:

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Carlos Carrera
Yes it will.

Maybe not versus the Enzo, but the Enzo is too $$$$$$$$$$$$

Since it is aimed at the Modena, I think its going to kill it for less money. From the driving impressions that I've read, it sounds like a sweet piece of machinery with some serious grunt. Not to mention it looks killer.

Did anyone see the test of it in this months either Road and Track or C and D, I can't remember which mag is was, but the back shot showed the tailpipes with extensions that bent back and to the left of the car. Anyone know what the story behind those are? They look really goofy and I can't imagine that they would be production, or even what the point of them is. :?:

Top Gear has a review on it. JC has plenty of good things to say about it (ESPECIALLY the rear, that WONDERFUL rear...), albeit with some little things he finds slightly annoying. Great read, though..

Back to the topic, it UNDOUBTEDLY has the Modena beat, no question. Hell it's up there with the Porsche Turbo..