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SLP Addict
Well, Me and Dreamn went out driving tonight, we were gonna go to a car show, but it didnt start for another hour, so we went driving around, we went to a place i used to live, kinda ghetto area, and in the back of the nieghberhood is a REALLY curvy road, where theres no house's(all been burnt down, flooded), So we did a lap on the road going slow, so he could get to know the road, and we made a run or 2 on it, And we went to make our final run, And we were going around a corner, And boom, Greg lifted off the throttle, and instant over steer, So car went sideways, and cought traction a lil bit, and went into the ditch, didnt hit anything, but the problem was, the car was high centered, u could literally rock it up and down, so after about 15 mins of trying to get it out, we walked, for a mile or so, to a friends house, and they came out, and helped us get her out, we ended up having to lift the entire rear end of the car, Move it over all the way into the ditch, and drive it out like that, Then we went to the car show, No one there, We drove to Johny B's(Bar where everyone meets up at), My friend brandon in his vert 5.0(13 second car) and afew other lowriders and shit were there, so we hung around, left and got TACOS TACOS TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!, and came home, but it was a fun night, And afew highlights of the night, was when we started going sideways, me just sighing, and going........God damnit, And then when we were walking away, i asked him if he wanted me to lock it(top down), but it was fun.

haha, i came around this turn to hesitant and let up to early, around goes the back and we just slide. fun fun, just like in the autoxs, :rock:


Haha funny. (Only because you are ok)

Geez, when I first saw the title I thought that SLP gay raped Dreamn in a ditch. But it wasnt posted in Chat so I opened it.

At least the car is in one peice.

SLP, rape, bah, I could outun him easily.

and yeah, the car's fine, maybe 80 really was too fast on that road, live (thankfully) and learn

SLP Addict
You guys dont even understand wat type of road it is, Its the nighber hood trash dump, And you cant go 50 feet with out a turn.