View Thread: First siting of the new Acura TL

The other day I was driving down a side street when I noticed a few people standing in their driveway. So I looked over to see a brand new Acura TL in silver.

This car is actually pretty damn beautiful, the pics dont do it justice at all. It isnt as boxy, and it certainly isnt as ugly as it seems to be. When I saw it I stopped and stared in awe until the owners kinda gave me a weird look of pride. It really just looks like a bigger brother to the TSX with a little more personality. Should be good competition in the $30k sedan market especially with 270 hp.

I'm glad you started this thread! I just saw my first one yesterday and it was fantastic!!! It was dark blue with an amazing tan interior. I really love the lines of the car. The inside of that car was pretty impressive too. Definitely one of my favorite cars in the $30K market.

Sia Bani

I've seen commercials and only commercials and I think it looks BADASS! It's got looks mean. Love it.

Redesigned Acura TL :thumbsup:
Redesigned BMW 5 series :thumbsdow

I have seen tons. I think Ive actually seen 3 on the road, and that doesnt include the two times I test drove it and all of the drooling on the lot. The car is gorgeous, and I would agree that the midnight blue with camel interior is stupendous :thumbsup:

I've seen them at the dealer, nothing wrong with them at all. Is there a Type-S level for it?

Haven't seen one yet, but if there is one eventually, imagine the HP in that sucker considering the base model has 270hp!