View Thread: The cars of SEMA - Chevrolet

They didn't get specs for the Chevy vehicles, just pics.

Don't know what an Aveo is, but it looks like a fun entry into the compact market for Chevy.

Chevrolet Aveo XTREME

Chevrolet Colorado XTREME

Chevrolet Equinox XTREME

Chevrolet Malibu XTREME

Anything marketed as Xtreme sucks.

The Malibu color is quite interesting. For lack of a better description, it is the color that is sometimes seen in the toilet (or sink, or floor or anywhere) after a hard night of drinking.

a pink truck...

nuf said

The Aveo will be sold in the US very, very soon if not already. It is an ugly ass, cheap car that is more like Japanese work than American.