View Thread: The cars of SEMA - Acura

Man I need a press pass to get into this sucker some year!

Here are some highlights courtesy of Autoweek.

Acura NSX
Using a wide variety of high-performance parts from premier aftermarket suppliers like Comptech, Cantrell Concepts, Sparco and Takata, enthusiast Duke Tubtim has created a flat out rocket of an NSX racecar. Dukes NSX features a supercharged C30A V-6 that delivers 322 horsepower at the rear wheels. Hes displayed the car at several shows and has won at every show hes attended.

Skunk2 Acura RSX Racecar
The Skunk2 RSX racecar was built to compete in the NHRA All-Motor Class. It pushes the class rules to the absolute limits without incurring a weight penalty. This car features an alcohol injected 2.4 liter DOHC VTEC engine with a K24 block and K20 cylinder head package. The RSX unibody has been integrated with a chromoly tube frame, which helps to make it lighter and stronger than most, if not all cars in its class. The roof has been lowered by one inch to give it an aggressive demeanor while retaining the stock look. Suspension modifications include a multi-link rear suspension design, racing shocks with titanium springs and Goodyear tires.

2004 Acura TL A-SPEC performance package
The package will include:
High performance, track-tuned shocks and springs
Performance brake pads (automatic transmission-equipped models)
Lightweight 18x8.5 alloy wheels
High performance Yokohama 235/40-R18 95W tires
Choice of deck lid or rear wing spoiler
Aero kit
A-SPEC steering wheel
A-SPEC badging

Acura TSX A-SPEC Concept
Honda Access America, the accessory division of Honda, designed a prototype A-SPEC kit to highlight the potential of this hot-selling new model. The performance package features an aero kit, and a sport suspension that gives it an even sleeker, more aggressive look while taking advantage of the TSXs unique and potent performance capabilities.

Too much wheel gap on that TSX, drop it a little bit and that car would look very nice. :thumbsup: