View Thread: Speaking of gauge clusters!

Which gauge cluster is your favorite? Mine is a tie between the new DB9 and the IS300 chronograph cluster. The DB9 tach swings counter clockwise, thats sweet, although I think I could get confused.

Two pictures of the IS300, one shows the whole cluster, another shows the color scheme better. One pictures of the DB9s cluster tells thousands of words. Very jewel-like and just plain sexy. I would love to stare at that for a loooong time. :D

Lets see someone elses favorites :P

The new Aston Martin gauge clusters are so slick. The metal looks great, and I think the concept of micro perforations so you cant see any warning lights until they come on is very nice.

Very sharp, very classy, and compared to the gauges from the DB7 an improvement that can be measured in light years.

New Aston Martin = :rock:

I like the Porsche 911's. Tach dead center, speedometer off to the side. Only what you need right in front of you. The RX-7 TT's was great looking from what i remember, too.

I don't like the fancy designs, the more simple it is, the better it is to me.