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Hello all, new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself prior to just posting. I am an automotive consultant specializing in lemon law and vehicle defect cases. My services are usually only utilized by law firms who litigate these types of cases but I decided to join the forum and provide information or just direction to consumers who have had a new vehicle with nothing but continual defects. Any questions please let me know and I will try to assist you on your quest for justice.

Kurt Clark
Lemon Law Consultant (

Hello Kurt! We here at Tripleplate are just a jolly bunch of ole chaps who wish you the warmest greeting here at our abode. We talk of autos, rock concerts, and even sometimes what's playing on the tele. Greetings and cheerio good sir! :D

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welcome to :tp: (I'm sure you're aware, but that does not imply toilet paper...)

Sia Bani
Welcome. I hope you stick around. :cheers: