View Thread: What a weekend!

Saturday got up to go test the race car at Donington Park on a trackday. We had two cars there, the main Vectra 24hour car, and a friends Sierra Cosworth trackday car. Straight away we go out and the Vectra has a misfire, and almost straight away the Cossie explodes the front wheel bearing. We repair both, the Cosworth then busts the front diff and is out for the day, whereas after replacing the coil pack the Vectra is going better than ever. It was toying with all the other cars there but none could come close. One car caught our eye, as it caught ours. We got talking and the driver of the Vectra (a professional) ended up instructuing the driver of this car, who then went and offered me a ride. His car was a Porsche, the first Porsche ive ever been in, and it was an RUF R Turbo!! The car is incredible, round the corners and under braking the Vectra had it beat (its a touring car obviously) but the RUF was outstanding in acceleration. The driver is the same guy who posted about getting the car on the M5 forum, he was only 18, a really cool guy. Its quite humbling to floor it in second and see the digital dash display go up in increments of 10 mph. All in all a fantastic weekend of cars.