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haha, this cracks me up. So I was at the autocross last weekend. I hung out with some guys from a local forum I am on and the owner was taking a bunch of pictures of the cars at the event. We saw a very nice looking young lady and so he jokingly snapped a covert picture.

It became a running joke, so he took another..

And another..

But then took one too many.. :fro:

BUSTED!!! :naughty:

hahaha thats hilarious! Uh, large looking boyfriend though...your pal's lucky is thats the only way he got busted...

Sia Bani
What did she say? Did they come over? Your bud should have continued taking pics until the big guy came over and gave him a solid :smileysex

Hey, this is car it's going to general.

haha, I was thinking that when I posted in Chat, wasn't sure if that was a stretch though.

I'm not sure if the guy even noticed or if she told him. The look she has on her face in the last pic sort of says "yeah I see you, but I'm flattered".

Sia Bani
that's funny.

ya, so when in doubt, put things in general. If they're too much of a stretch, I'll move them to chat. Chat's more of a regular's only type of deal, since guests can't see it, etc.

HAHA, that's awesome.

She is very nice looking! :D

Yeah, she looks more amused or flattered than pissed off.