View Thread: A couple Nissan X-Terra Q's.

Anyone know the changes to the 2004 X-Terra, from the 2003? It is not listed on the website yet. Also, does anyone know if the cargo area is large enough to comfotably fit 2 german shepards? I am about 450km's away from the closest Nissan dealership.
And for bonus points, anyone know what the supercharger runs at stock? I am guessing 6 psi'ish.

Peas Ya'll

Not sure mate!! We don't get the Nissan Xterra over here, but we do get the Nissan X-Trail, which I think is about the same size as the Xterra. My brother's best mate has a X-Trail and he also has two Rottweilers, which seem to fit in the back pretty well, along with all the other stuff he has in there!! I'm pretty sure though that the Xterra is a bit bigger than the X-Trail, so you shouldn't have a problem there.

Sia Bani
I believe hearing something about it only pushign 4psi stock. That is nothing!

I love the look and utility of it, but 4psi? Come on!

Also, the cargo is probably too small for 2 german shepards, unless you fold down the rear seats.

I know that it can hold two dogs, with the seat folded. after that, clueless.

thanks alot guys.....
that x-trail is kinda cool, what is in it for the engine....
What is the easiest way to either kill a dog, or strap it to the roof...

Just kidding


The Nissan X-Trial comes in either a 2.0 litre or 2.5 litre petrol or a 2.2 litre Turbo Diesel. It's due for an update pretty soon.