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Rotary Boy
I put a few miles on a F350 duallie desiel yesterday and then a mile or two in a big ass dodge duallie desiel ram on the way back.

each was pulling a fully enclosed race car trailer. both hauling about 5000 lbs plus the trailer.

wow. trucks have come along way since my beatup J10 stump jumper.

first off. these two trucks are basically the best two vehicles for a race team that I can think of.

on one hand you have the ford
325HP and 560Lbft of torque with the five speed torqshift tranny. it's really quite fast, and did just fine towing hauling about 10,000 lbs down the highway doing 75-80 the whole way. the thing has a max towing capacity of 13,700lbs

then you have the dodge. with a High output cummins turbo desiel that makes 305Hp andf 555Lbft of torque this thing can tow like a beast. and it got like 19MPH pulling a enclosed fifth wheel trailer with a 944 and a ton of stuff through some totally lousey weather. it's also unmovable on the highway. stiff crosswinds and the such mean nothing, it's like driving a house only it handles pretty well for somthing so huge. it also comes with a 5 speed manual, somthing I thought trucks never came with can also tow 15750 lbs.

just thought I would share that with everyone

Sia Bani
Sounds cool.

On a side note, drove an expedition the other day as a loaner car and boy was it huge. The width was teh same as the Tahoe's, but the driver's seating position in the car was much farther back, making it feel like I was driving the Tahoe but from the rear seats.

However much I love manuals, I wouldn't mind having an SUV as a weekend driver, being able to relax and not really having to worry about "Driving". Most would have the sports car/sedan as the weekend driver, but for enthusiasts like us, I think it would be the other way around.

wow thats all the dullie F350 can tow? We ahve a 2500hd and it can tow 11000lb if a remeber correctly, and it isnt a dullie. and it tows around 10000 on a regular basis and it feels fine doing it.

oh and big trucks are cool.

SLP Addict
I havent been in a dodge while its towing, But i have a Ford 3500 Dullie Along with the Chevy 3500 Dulllie, And personally, I like the chevy ALOT more, It feels so much smoother, and very comftorble, while towing a 26ft enclosed trailer, with a Shit load of stuff on it.