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I found an '84 Mercedes Gelendewagen for sale here locally. I want to find out what they are asking for it. I don't need it or anything, I'd actually like to convince my dad to buy it. I think it would be perfect for the stuff he's into.

Sweet trucks though, roomy interiors, locking front and rear differentials, low gearing, live axles with coil springs front and rear. I'm not sure how much there is out there for mods like lifts and stuff but, their pretty capable stock. This was also before they were turned into luxury cars so the interior is nice and spartan without the luxo bs. If anybody comes across any pictures of some modded G wagens, for off road, not bling bling, post me a link will ya.

Sia Bani

I've seen a couple G55s lately...awesome trucks.

When I was in Germany during a NATO meeting there, I rode in one of their military G wagon and it was not as roomy as I thought. It has a very narrow body and certainly not as wide as our humvee. But definately more comfy than the humvee. And I saw one on the highway and it looked kind of small on the road for some reasons.