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Which Wrangler engine is more reliable? The 2.5 liter four or the 4.0 liter six. I was just wondering as a Wrangler (either 94-96 YJ or a TJ)is one of the vehicles I am considering getting in the spring. I know that the six will be quicker and probably better off road due to torque and that the four will have better gas mileage, but I was wondering which engine has the most reliability?

ive seen a ton of 4.0's around, i would reccomend the 6. Its hit and miss, both are great engines for reliability if you keep em in shape.

Sia Bani
Oh, definately get the 6. That is the main regret my friend has with his wrangler. The 4 is just too underpowered.

I have seen plenty of 4L with over 200,000. Of course, you typical Jeep owner is more enthusiastic than your typical Toyota Corolla driver. Besides, a properly designed I6 will have a longer life span than V6 engines.

I'm sure that 2.5 POS is directly Chrysler - junk it. I think it's shared with the caravans and such - POS. The 4.0 is Jeep - proven and perfect. It's either any 4.0 after '86 or '91, I don't remember which. They imporved on the design and therefore, more reliable and powerful.

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