View Thread: New Holden Adventra AWD wagon

Holden has just released picture's of the new Adventra AWD wagon, which is basically a jacked up Commodore wagon. Not due for release until the last quarter of 2003, it will only be a avaliable firstly with a V8 engine and then in a V6 form.

Carlos Carrera
looks good...
but wich is the price ?

Holden hasn't released any pricing yet, but it should be around the AUS$40,000 Dollars for the V8 and cheaper again when the V6 is released. The V8 is the GenIII 5.7 litre and the whole car has cost Holden around AUS$200 million dollars to develop.

Looks sweet, but i want to see pictures of your Cordoba

God I love Holden. EVERYTHING comes with a freakin V8!

Holdens good but Fords better!:troy:

I don't want to get some of you guy's excited, but today I saw my first Adventra cruisin the streets here in Adelaide, two/three months ahead of it's release. But get this!! It was wearing Chevrolet badges and it was Left Hand Drive!! It wasn't even camouflaged or anything!! Holden has said it wasn't exporting the thing, but maybe they have changed their minds?? Holden's probably getting it ready for a release in the Middle East or South America, where the Commodore is already sold as a Chevrolet.

Just to add another mix to the already huge model lineup from Holden, they have just released the Crewman!! A 4dr version of the Commodore 2dr ute. And yes it comes in V8!!

I can't say as I've ever seen anything like that. Very interesting!

Pennzoil GT-R
looks like GM are joining the Audi Allroad/Volvo V70 XC bandwagon?