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My clio keeps on stalling at idle. Not every time but id say 3 out of 5 times it does. It happens after i've been driving and the car it warm. For example when stopping at traffic lights i slow down, put the clutch down and then the elextronic warning light comes on and the cars reves start going up and down by them selves then eventually the car will stall.

Some time when i stop and the car is in neutral if i put the car into first gear then the same will happen? Anyone got any ideas what thsi may be as its baffling me. I've got a service soon but i was just wondering if anyone knew why it was doing this?

Pennzoil GT-R
hurry and get the service. sounds like something might be clogged. i can find out in more detail though if noone else here knows.

Check for any holes in the hose between the throttle body and the Mass Air Flow sensor if there is a hose between there. I dunno anything about your car, but that's one guess I can give ya.

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could be the ralenti (idle) sensor, it happens to me on my GTI.

Before the repair shop showed me that there was a hole in my intake hose, I had to put it in neutral when I stop at a stop sign. And when I'd take off, I had to do a slight neutral drop. In DRIVE, the engine torques one way and opens the hole. In reverse, it torques the other way and it'd be fine. A new hose for me would be like $60-$80. So, I just patched it up. This problem is most common on the Toyota Vans. Dunno if any other cars do have this problem. But, it's possible.

Another thing, when it does stall the electronic warning light comes on and something in the front of the car just below and behind the front lights clicks (when the engine is off, but only when it stalles) I think it could be the fuel pump as it has a fuel return hose going into it.

Its a Clio, there's your problem, ;)

its been a good car