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Carlos Carrera
This is the Computer Program that most engineers, and automotive makers use to design the mechanical components of their cars... was used for ferrari to make the 575M engine, mainly to visualize the fluids, and air dinamics going into the intake runners and combustion chamber.. etc, was used for AUDI and his R8, in NASCAR, Ferrari F1 team, etc... i want this fucking software

SOFTWARE = (Presiona aqui puto)


Complete engine designs
Component designs
Engine uprating
Emission improvement programmes
Cost reduction programmes


Extensive experience
QA approval, including:
ISO 9001
Ford Q1
Global facilities
Wide variety of projects
Design support to production
Extensive CAD facilities
Client training
Flexible working practices
CAE/Manufacturing integration
Pre-production manufacturing facilities
Design benchmarking activities
Design guidelines
Regular supplier liaison
In house design research projects
Air flow facilities

Design packages supported include:


Benchmarking: Our extensive programme of engine design benchmarking forms a major added-value function where a wide variety of state-of-the-art engines are carefully dismantled and examined.

Reports available for purchase
Benchmarking of specific engines upon request

Information in these reports includes:

Surface finish
Novel features
Production techniques
Cost reduction features
Features affecting assembly and servicing
Design assessment

This resource, housed in the Design and Analysis Centre, is part of the design function and is available on-line to our design team.

Design guidelines: Our database of engine design guidelines is a compilation of best design practices based upon Ricardo's experience and is specially compiled to assist the designer to create and optimise design solutions rapidly.

Both the benchmarking and guideline information sources are accessible to engineers from all of Ricardo's Technical Centres and are a major contributor to the consistency and high quality of our engine design.

Manufacturing support functions:

Engine and component cost estimates
Assistance with value analysis and value engineering
Manufacturing input for cost reduction studies
Providing manufacturing process layouts, machine and tooling specifications, guidelines on component fixturing and component machining
Design for manufacture, Design for assembly, specifying inspection and gauging facilities
Providing assembly processes and layouts
Expertise available for:
Lean Production
Lean Layout
Reliability and Maintainability (R&M)
Visual management
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
Quality improvements: error proofing, design for manufacture, design for assembly
Inspection and gauging methods & equipment
Training assistance for problem solving (8D)

Supplier liaison: Beneficial to both Ricardo and our suppliers, the liaison programme enables information on new manufacturing technology and industry trends to be exchanged on a regular basis and keeps Ricardo at the forefront of technology.

Internally funded design research: In addition to externally-funded client work, Ricardo also invests in its own design research projects. These projects help keep Ricardo at the leading edge of its field, exploring new concept designs featuring innovative and novel ideas.

Rapid prototyping: Ricardo has its own wax thermojet facility, used for both rapid prototyping through investment casting and to produce visualisation and validation aids for our own designers and our clients.

3D wax models produced from STL files within 5-15 hours
3D SLS Duraform parts from STL files within 3 days from external supplier
Small functional components cast in aluminium, cast iron or steel by 'lost wax' process using a local foundry within one week
Additionally, full prototype machining and assembly facilities are available at Ricardo including CNC 5-axis machines. These can be used to provide rapid conversion of CAD data into hardware. We would be pleased to provide advice to clients on rapid prototyping techniques.

Carlos Carrera

Carlos Carrera

ooooh, i smell career opportunities at Audi if I find this proggie.. :pd:

Carlos Carrera
Originally posted by Horus
ooooh, i smell career opportunities at Audi if I find this proggie.. :pd:

Good luck :cheers:

Sia Bani
yo, what are you tlaking about threads being deleted from garage

Carlos Carrera
Originally posted by Sia Bani
yo, what are you tlaking about threads being deleted from garage

yes i use to have a ''Firing order'' thread.. and other 2.. and they are gone...

Sia Bani
what the hell are you smoking man? It just needed to get bumped to the first page again!?!?!