View Thread: 14 years on, the mighty BMW 6 Series returns

Details of BMW’s new 6 Series are announced for the first time today. Debuting alongside the X3 at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the new BMW 645Ci Coupé promises power and performance within a breathtaking, contemporary design. This is the first BMW Coupé to wear the legendary 6 Series badge since 1989. And though it carries the heritage of its predecessor, the new model moves the BMW 6 Series on a generation offering a mouth-watering combination of:

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Wow, that's the first pic of a newer designed bimmer that I like!

They made the headlights a bit bigger from the last time I saw it.. they're still sit a bit too low for my tastes, though...

I know this'll be one of the cars I'll ogle at whenever I see them on the street, but in pictures, I can't say I'm a huge fan..

Arthur Dent
the rear is very odd looking and doesn't quite work

I really like this car.

I've been doing some misc reading on automtive designs, and one auther said that our minds instictivly attempt to assoicate new car designs with other existing cars (i.e... "this car kinda looks like this other car..") and when our minds can not associate a new car's design with an allready existing car, we immediatly say it is ugly.

I think that's what has been happening with Bangles first designs. They were like nothing anyone has seen before. The new 7 look like a some kind of monster, not a luxury car. But now his designs are becoming the "face" of BMW, and with that, his new designs are starting to become more apperciated as they get released than they are hated.

This new 6 is obviously Bangle, and it fits right in with the other Bangle cars, and consequently they have a very LOVE it or HATE it appeal. But I must admit, the more and more I see these new BMWs, the more and more I LOVE their design.

This car kicks ass. Its VERY aggressive looking, yet subtle subdued in execution. Part Aston Martin DB7, part Lexus SC430.

Color me impressed.