View Thread: New Streetwise range - The urban on-roader

MG Rover Group today announces a bold new extension to its small car range - the Streetwise. Due to commence sales in the UK towards the end of August, the new Streetwise is a specialised range based on the popular Rover 25 platform, but offering a distinctive new personality of its own. Designed to complement the existing Rover car range while significantly broadening the marque appeal, Streetwise is in tune with a growing European sub-sector for small cars with an 'urban-tough' attitude.

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Wow, it's actually pretty cool.

If only they made a fast one. ;)

When gas costs $4.00/gallon performance isn't as much of an issue ;)

Looks different. It might actually work!!

Pennzoil GT-R
Oh that was on Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson totally picked it apart!

"So, an urban on-roader eh? So that means it does what exactly, it goes on roads, in urban areas? Which makes it a car? Its basically a fancy name for a car, except this car is urban, so it cant go rural, or off-road. So its a normal car that cant leave the city. Nice"

hahaha that's hysterical. I love that guy.