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Rotary Boy
we got done building this guys 1990 jetta wolfsburg.

awesome red paint job, with white katana concept 7 rims, falken azenis tires 215/40/17 in the front, 205/40/17 in the back.
2.0L 16V bored and stroked out to 2.1L, forced performance turbo, with a big spearco front mount and 2.75 inch piping. 3 inch piping with a Y pipe, dual fat dual tips. 6 speed swap with quaife ATB differential, 11.4 lb flywheel. corrado brakes, 28mm anti-roll bar, ground controll coil overs and blisteins. his hood has an offcenter scoop and looks like the hood off an old Rx-7 turbo II.

I am always gonna be a VW nut at heart

Badass! How much did that all cost?

God damn. That sounds pretty badass. I wonder what kind of power it's putting down.

You should have asked him if you could post some pics on here--then we'd get to see the pics and probably get another member when he came to look and see the repsonse...

everyone that goes through rotery's shop should get a free subscription to AWF, lol, :pd:

ooh, better idea still hehe

Tell them the "customary fee" will be waived, and its very exclusive...

Dual exhaust on a 4cl..... Heh heh :D

Actually, it sounds like a pretty cool car.

(and I do like how dual exhaust looks on most cars anyways ;))