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Pennzoil GT-R

M Division
Quattro/S-Line/Audi Sport
Toyota Racing Development

Carlos Carrera
i know shit about jap. tuners, but i heard they are awesome.
But im getting into AMG those engines are sweet.

Carlos Carrera
But since i love AUDIS i choose S and Quattro even if i think AMG and M are better.

Pennzoil GT-R
in the end i chose Nismo over AMG, because Nismo is more rounded, whereas Mercedes only really stands out in its race cars and bigger saloons.

Nismo because they tune the GT-R.:troy:

eric rxb
The tuner that developed the S and RS line of Audi's is called Quattro gmbh. Plus technically Prodive is an out of house tuner.

Peronally I had a hard time deciding between M, SVT and STi. In the end I had to go with STi because I'm a sucker for rally cars.

87 Supra Turbo
It was really hard for me to choose between SVT and STi. In the end I went with SVT, you just can't argue with the 03 Cobra and it's potential.

Rotary Boy
mazda speed
but hey thats me

Wasn't it Cosworth that helped quattro gmbh develop the RS4, as far as engine tuning?

Pennzoil GT-R
it wouldnt surprise me. Cosworth have been called up many a time for help with engines, they are one of the best in the world at building engines.

I went with SVT. I also enjoy what I've heard about Cosworth as well. Nice combo.

Carlos Carrera
Originally posted by Horus
Wasn't it Cosworth that helped quattro gmbh develop the RS4, as far as engine tuning?


im surprised that M/// has only got one vote, :scratch:

Sia Bani
Quattro, S line, RS line. :badass:

Enano Siniestro
a) I own a Mazda
b) They are about to produce the Mazdaspeed Miata after the Protegé
c) They have more coming
d) They are afordable

SLP Addict
Would SLP Be considered?