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Enano Siniestro
(08:30 June 25, 2003)
MazdaSpeed Miata to begin production late this year

The next MazdaSpeed-tuned car, the Miata, begins production in December in Japan and arrives in U.S. showrooms soon after that, as early as January. It will carry a Japanese turbocharger underhood.

:badass: :drive:

Sweet, if it looks anything like the concept a few years ago, that'll be even better.

Plus, hopefully with the turbo, the power will be well into the low 200hp range.

91 Integra
Looks great! :D

Rotary Boy
I am calling my mazda dealer and I am gonna order one if it is anywhere near as cool as it should be

thats my dream, I have lusted for years for a mazdaspeed miata.
imagine how badass a 4th generation mazda speed Rx-7 would be?

Are you serious RB another car to your garage? That would be so awesome! Maybe I could get myself an older Miata as my first car.:rolleyes:

Rotary Boy
you don't understand, I love miatas as much as I love Rx-7's.

BTW apple_jacks bought an Rx-7, a really cool FC., sold his dead uncles jeep to get it

I could really buy a Miata as my first car but my parents wouldnt allow it. There reasons would be that its a 2 seater, its small, and its too expensive for you (5k real expensive:rolleyes). I would love to have one though.:troy:

You should get the MS Miata though for real.

Sub Urban
Wow, that looks amazing! With close to 200 HP rumored under the hood, it should be a pretty good cooker! :cheers:

It's on my want list.

87 Supra Turbo
Will you replace any cars with the Miata, or just add to the stable RB?

Imagine if they put a small engine intake on the hood. Think an SRT-4 style one.:dizzy:

Rotary Boy
storage is getting to be a problem.
because my cousin lives above my 4 car garage(which isn't attached to my house, it is in the back of our back yard)

me and my wife have 5 cars between us. the FD, the vette, the coronet, the audi and my truck. plus my cousin has his WRX and his 85 celica. my truck however usually stays up at my buddy daves ranch

so at one house we have 6 cars, plus his girlfreinds car is always over and apple_jacks is always over(my cousin and apples are like little gay lovers)

the only thing that makes it all possible is that our driveway is a double wide, and is covered for the section os it that is right next to the house. I have no idea where I would put another car, but if they made a really nice MS miata I would buy one for sure

what kind of truck do oyu have?