View Thread: some wheeling pictures

These are from a few weeks ago. My friend Sean, his 2 daughters and I ran some trails near Marquette. The pictures are pretty lame, neither of us wanted to get out and take pictures during the fun sections, but here's what I got.

Here, we are breaking in a new route that his 5 year old daughter named for us smooth move. It had some steep rock steps and a decently high pucker factor in spots. I was the only one who made it all of the way through though.:smoke:

Sounds like you had a good ole time.:cheers:

We sho did!:D :sarah:

pre-snorkel days, i guess :tongue:

Your Land Cruiser Rocks! I want something with 4wd. COuldn't find anything good, so i bought the Omni, Now i have to Sell the Omni to get 4wd.:curse:

you know i thought you were gonna have pics of my hometown (wheeling wv)

Wow, offroading up there is way different from down here.

Here, it's all just ruts and mud and water. None of these hills and rocks and stuff.

cool pics though!

I'm taking a 2 week wheeling trip in Colorado next week, I'll take a bunch of shots and post them when I get back. New mods for the trip include a Warn 9,500 winch, roof basket, and Mean Grean 140 amp alternator. Alpine wheeling pictures soon stay tuned.:cheers: