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eric rxb
After putting my sister through a year of promising her a GTI and not delivering, my parents finally got her one. But they didn't just get her any old GTI, they got her a 20th Anniv GTI. I'm really really jealous.

We just went to the dealership today to purchase it, and it's gonna be a few days before it arrives, but it should be pretty sweet. I'm gonna try to get pics up as soon as we get it.

How old is she?

eric rxb
She's 21. She's going to vet school in Iowa, so she needs a decent car to get out there.

im jealous of everyone whose parents buy them a car.....

SLP Addict
No shit, Im looking at a $800 blazer right now, And im selling shit to be able to get enough.

I love it when my parents buy me cars or trucks (I've got 2 trucks and a the BMW). If/when I move to Hawaii they are buying me a Ninja 500 hopefully. I could really afford all this stuff on my own by how much I work. But if I don't have to, why bother? :)

Arthur Dent
I want someone to give me a car :(

even a Yugo would do

Rotary Boy
apple_jacks girlfreind has a jazz blue 20th anniversary, awesome car.

might want to change the caption on top of your sig, there, RB..

Rotary Boy
yeah, that was wierd huh

A friend of mine is buying a Golf R32. He will let me drive it to! :D

PS: This guy is a friend of mine even though he is like 40 years old. :D