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Carlos Carrera
Volkswagen is testing a 600-hp Bentley-powered Phaeton, and sources tell us they are getting ready to launch the most powerful “people's car” in its history.

Bernd Pischetsrieder has rubber‑stamped plans for the Phaeton R, which could see it going head‑to‑head with the future Mercedes 612-hp S63 AMG. Volkswagen’s secret weapon will be under the hood: the Bentley Continental GT’s twin‑turbo 6.0‑liter W12 engine.

The W12 produces 552 hp in the two‑door Bentley. However, Volkswagen is hoping to liberate even more grunt in a bid to match the 6.0‑liter V-12 S‑Class, which could run the 0‑60 sprint in less than five seconds.

Nothing is yet official, but sources at VW’s Braunschweig engine development center hint that 600 hp is easily accessible through a moderate increase in turbocharger boost pressure.

This muscular prototype – spied undergoing driveline tests in the Alps – is testing the W12. Giant air ducts are needed up front to increase air flow to the intercooler and its associated plumbing.

The four‑wheel‑drive Phaeton will be the company's flagship racing model. The hot Phaeton will be badged R60. Expect a price tag of over $150,000 when and if the R60 reaches dealerships in the U.S.

Carlos Carrera
looks....... powerful....

I see some Audi resemblance in it except that horrible looking hood and front body kit...

and....... ricey....

I still kinda [KINDA] like it, though...

Don't believe it, Brenda Priddy makes up cars.

actually looks a bit chopped. although they did a good job, the front doesn't look right.

I was wondering what was up with that smudge next to the left headlamp, and that other odd reflection at the lower right corner of the hood...


Pennzoil GT-R
yeh. its a chop. the smudge by the headlamp gives it away. and also, when did they start using padlocks on bonnet catches. since when did they start using racing bonnets on luxury cars. and since when did top secret prototype luxury cars stop to pose for photographs?

Isn't VW going a bit "ultra luxury" too fast? If Mercedes or BMW or even Audi wanted to do this. Fine, ok...they have image. But VW....I think of "people's car" when I hear VW. Don't get me wrong, the Phaeton is a beautiful car and of high quality standards as well. It's just that they should leave it as the W12 and 3.2 V6 and stay away from the "R" sector.

With the Golf, it's ok to make an R32 because there is a market for that kind of vehicle. But an R60 Phaeton? VW may as well give away some money if they plan on doing this. :scratch:

Yeah, I agree. VW needs to figure what direction it wants to go in. They own Audi and seem to be doing very well with their Luxury brand. If they keep upping their share of that luxury pie, it seems like they're competing with themselves. We'll see what happens.