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Arthur Dent
I have the oppotunity to get a 1985 Porsche 944 for pretty cheap that has minor looking front end damage. It has been stored for 2 years but seems to run fine. Interior is in good shape.

Arthur Dent
closer look at damage. hood is supposidly straight but doesn't close

Arthur Dent
so what do you guys think - can it be fixed up cheaply?


Quite a bit. How much for the car?

Arthur Dent
he's asking $3500. Cars got 30K miles on it.

Ouch thats a lot.

Arthur Dent
here's the whole description he send me. I think it will be too much money for right now though.

I have no maintenance records for the vehicle, as I was not the original
owner of the car. I actually bought it as it is, already a writeoff, to be a
project car and have not had any time over the last 2+ years to even touch
it. It has been sitting tarped in my driveway for that period of time and I
know I will not have any time over the next year as well, so best to sell it
to someone who has the ability and time to fix it up. Heres what I do know,
and if I can get any more information let me know:

- The current registration status of the car is write-off, meaning motor
vehicles department requires it to be repaired and pass a vehicle inspection
before it can be registered in Alberta again. Once that happens, the car
registration will always carry the "repaired" status on it. I bought it from
an insurance write off auto sale here in edmonton in its current shape.

- The car does not leak any fluids - sitting in the same place for two
years and no driveway drips or puddles at all.

- I have not run the engine for more than a minute or two at a time, it does
have some compartment damage and I did not want to risk something unseen
causing damage to the engine (ie never checked to see that all circulation
hoses and such are open for sure and such). It was of course towed to my
house not driven.

- When I got it, battery was dead and even a boost would not start it. There
was a crushed wiring harness from the alternator with several cut wires - I
spliced these with a temporary fix (almost two years after I had picked up
the car) and it started right off - turned over mayber twice before it
caught and ran with no trouble.

- with its status as sitting for such a period of time, I cant say as to its
normal use of oil however when it starts for the quick fire ups I have done
on it it definately blows some smoke - whether that is from sitting or a
normal engine run scenraio I cannot say for sure as I never run it more than
a minute or two.

- The engine compartment has some structural damage on that driver corner -
ie as I mentioned the alternator harness are was crushed in somewhat so
there is some bracket straightening, etc to be done for sure. The front tang
of the frame is bent some - there is some frame work there either a
straightening or cut and replace. The flip light components will have to be
replaced or reparied, radiator is pushed in a bit but not leaking or
interfering with the fan at all. I guess the best way to describe it is as
if that front corner under the hood has been pushed in 6" or so - compacting
the parts and some bending of brackets, but the engine and operational
components under the hood are there and appear to be operational none the
less, including belts still turning and in place.

- a point on that front end damage - though the hood does not close due to
the push in of the corner of the car, the hood itself is undamaged. As well,
the drivers (and others) door closes and clicks shut properly and smoothly,
no misalignment has been caused by the damage to the front, and even the
windshield sufferred no damage or unsealing. It appears the car was hit or
swiped in the front by another vehicle, not that it hit something itself.
Any damage is limited to the front corner - the rest of the car requires no
work at all.

- There is previous body work on the front end that can be seen under the
hood and on the damaged fender parts - I cant say for sure how extensive it
was as I am really not a body work guy but you can tell it was in some
previous altercation and had been repaired prior to the event that left it
as it is now.

- The rubber is very good, all tires

- I am not familiar with true porsche to say for sure - but to my eye it
appears that no modifications have been made to the car. It seems to be in
original condition other than that evidence of a previously repaired front
end area.

- The interior is in excellent condition, all black, good seats. moon roof,
and all doors, etc seem sealed and do not leak. Its clean, looks well kept
and not worn out.

- The odometer reads 31,300 miles and I cannot say for sure if it is wrapped
or not as it does not have the extra digit on it. However, the car looks
more like a 30k mile car than a 130 k mile car.

- When the booster cables are on - all the eletrical seems to be working,
windows, etc are all fine, sitting he car you would never know that there
was anything wrong with it.

It really is a sweet project car, believe me if I had the time I would have
it running and be driving it by now. I was just starting my own auction
business when I bought it, and thought I could squeeze it in before we got
busy but not the case. I actually had it sold earlier this month as usual
the guy couldn't come up with the funds and I told him to stop calling.

If you are in the market and have the time, it is worth a trip to check it
out. It is definately not a just parts car - its the car you should be
putting a few parts on to from some other parts car. If you want to come
over for a closer look just let me know. I'd really like to see it go to
someone that will get it on the road and use it.

Call me if I can answer any other questions. As one final note - I do have
to get it out of my driveway soon, my wife has been pretty accomodating for
the last two or three years but I think I've reached the limit for leaving
it there just sitting under the car cover waiting to get to it .......

The mileage is good but for the work it will need to fix the damage known and unknown it isn't worth it. Good 944's can be ......... wait, is that Canadian currency? Then that makes it sound better, but still, structural damage like that can cause a lot of unforseen problems. Also red flags go up when looking at used Porsches when the owner doesn't have service history, and when they play it off that they don't know much about the cars. To me it sounds like he is trying to get rid of a car that may have other problems that owner knows about but is playing dumb about. Additionally, that is an early '85 944 which is different then a '85 1/2 which had some nice upgrades. The newer 944's had a new interior with an ovalized dash, aluminum A arms on the front, better ventilation systems, and power steering. They are a tad heavier but more comfortable to drive. If you want simplicity (and replaceable front ball joints, go with an early 944 otherwise look at the series II cars. There are some good deals on 944's out there, look around a bit.

Sounds a little like the story of the guy who lost $10k on the BMW M3 deal.

I would walk away and not look back.

From my experience, nothing in the 944 can be fixed cheaply sadly :nope:

87 Supra Turbo
There is no way that he would be selling it for only $3500 if it was only some minor cosmetic damage. The fact that it was written off screams something REALLY bad happened to this car somewhere along the line. Sounds like ksaile is dead on when he says the owner knows something there is something majorly wrong with it.