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Factory Spec GTiR

At the heart of the road going GtiR is its powerplant. The two litre, DOHC, 16 valve, Garrett T28 turbocharged SR20DET four cylinder produces a whopping 230bhp in standard form.

Like big brother Skyline, the GtiR is a de-tuned racer as production models run a conservative 9psi of boost pressure at the manifold. One of the many uniqe features, is the quad-throttle body ontake system that allows unrestricted flow when the boost nears it’s max.
The GtiR uses an electronically-controlled torque splitting four wheel drive system. This is called ATTESA (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for all-terrain), it monitors which wheel has the least traction and distributes the power to the wheels with the most traction. Put simply, it allows the GTiR to accelerate out of corners like a slingshot and thrust and move through twisty roads in a way which has you reaching for cliches about rails and glue!!!

0-60 in 5.5 seconds
1/4 mile in 13.7 seconds

Ignore the stickers

Rally GTiR

In 1991, Nissan made a long promised re-appearance in the world rally stage with a potentially competitive car, a genuine limited-production Group A ‘homologation special’. This was the Sunny GtiR, a 300bhp four-wheel-drive car which looked, on paper, to at least match the Lancia Integrale and Toyota GT4.
It was tested extensively in 1990 on actual World Rally Championship special stages, by no less than former World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist.
Although the nutty Japanese expected to win the safari in 1991, this was never going to happen. It was really a miracle that two cars - Stig Blomqvist’s in 5th place and Mike Kirklands in 7th - actually finished the event. That early promise was not sustained.
The two main problems seemed to be intractable. One was that the Japanese had sited the large intercooler on top of the engine, where it was cynically called an ‘interwarmer’ by rival engineers. The other was that Nissan contracted Dunlop for tyres, a company which was not as up-to-the-minuite as its deadly rivals, Pirelli and Michelin.
Even with new drivers in 1992 – Francois Chariot and Tommi Makinen, the cars were little more competitive in the early months of the season. Nissan took the big decision to pull out of rallying again.

I seem to remember that car from Gran Turismo. The specs are impressive. Nissan would do very well in the sport compact market over here with something like that.

It's odd that it has "GTI" in it and looks incredibly similiar though :D


And many more here:

I wonder why they dont come out with them over here even though production stopped in Japan in 1994. I agree they would do very well over here considering they are about $25k in price which isnt too bad for what you get.

Maybe thats why Nissan didnt sue VW for using R32 on their new GTI because Nissan used GTI on their own car. So some name sharing is going on possibly.

Pennzoil GT-R
those cars are very cool and quick. theres quite a few of them around this area, some up to 400bhp

With very few upgrades they easily get up to 325 hp. I know only one part is getting the 3" exhaust pipe but the rest im not sure of.

Rotary Boy
yet another car we should have gotten over here

Enano Siniestro
They are tearing dragstrips in Australia like crazy.

Pennzoil GT-R
theyre quick. but they seem to be like the Supras, they can have big power but never really perform as well as youd expect of a car so small with so much power.

Rotary Boy
I am tired of the Us being ignored by automakers, we want performance cars on par with what the rest of the world is getting. whats so hard to understand about that

I guess cause there's money to be made in American aftermarket parts.

Pennzoil GT-R
from my limited knowledge its your governemtn stopping you getting the cars you want isnt it? Manufactureres cant be bothered building cars to your stringent restrictions. Im not too sure about all cars, but i KNOW this is why you dont get TVR's.

Yea the EPA/Government keeps cars out of the US. With our stupid crash tests and fuel emissions standards cars like this wont come in because performance would be so bogged down and not worth a whole new remanufacturing of the same car just for the US.

Impressive performance. But I don't like the body kit. Too RICE like IMO. Saw one of these in London, nearly threw up. Again, no offense. The body kit just doesn't attract me.