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Reminds me of an RX-7 with the lights covered.

The replacement for the long serving Ferrari 456GT large "Grand Tourer", Ferrari codename F137, is expected to make its debut at next September's Frankfurt Motor Show. Continuing the two door, four seat, front engine theme of the original car, which made its debut way back in 1992, the new model is expected to be larger and roomier.
Expected to be know as the 460GT or possibly 460 Bologna, it will use the 6.0 litre V12 engine first seen in the Enzo, but will have available around 500-550bhp ( and 600Nm ). Raising the power stakes has been nessecary in light of the advances made with the rivalling Bentley Continental R. The four seater will be available with two transmissions, a manual 6-speed box or the new 'F1-style' version. It will be 4850mm long and 2000mm wide.

Particular attention has been paid to road handling, one of the 456GT's acknowledged weak points. The engine has been clearly set further back involving the A-pillar being moved rearwards significantly. Ferrari engineers hope that this will create near even weight distribution between front and rear wheels. The steel chassis of the 456GT has been dispensed with in favour of an aluminium honeycomb chassis, as used on the 360 Modena/Spider.

Pricing is expected to be over 200,000. Ferrari are remaining tight lipped however on whether the model will receive four wheel drive.

Badass!:badass: I want it to be named the 460 Bologna just so i could say Bologna when I refer to it.:D

what's with the tail light molding? looks like an evil cat..

there is some mad camo on that thing, i doubt it will look anytihng like that.

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Originally posted by Lotus
there is some mad camo on that thing, i doubt it will look anytihng like that.
I'm not so sure. Remember when spy pics of the Enzo started showing up on mags? People said "There's no way the real car will look like that!" Well, it did. Not too bad from the front, but the side and rear view are questionable.

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well im certain theyll get rid of those wings above the rear lights, but the rest looks like it could be ok

and this is a totally different car to the Enzo. Ferrari know that didnt go down well in styling, so they wont make the same mistake in their GT cruiser car. The Enzo needed to be like that, this doesnt.

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Enzo powered 2+2 high speed cruiser, yum

Me likie

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hard to tell from those pictures