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Pontiac dealers can now place orders for their initial production shipment of the 2004 Pontiac GTO with an estimated price of $33,000, allowing early buyers the opportunity to select their own exterior/interior color and transmission options. The first GTOs are expected to arrive in showrooms late this year.

The new GTO comes fully loaded for a more simplified ordering process The estimated price of $33,000 includes the customer's choice of exterior and interior colors, a four-speed automatic transmission, and dealer freight charges (DFC). A close-ratio six-speed manual transmission is the only "extra cost" option with an estimated price of $695. Final pricing will be announced later this fall.

The rear-wheel-drive 2004 GTO is powered by a specially-tuned LS1 V-8 engine generating 350 horsepower and 365 ft-lb of torque, promising 0-60-mph acceleration in the mid-five-second range. Four-channel anti-lock brakes, traction control, a limited slip differential, and a fully independent rear suspension are all part of the standard package.

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Pretty sweet car. But I remember the good ole days when the manual tranny was standard and the automatic was an option :( Not the other way around. Not to be too negative but I was hoping for a little better 0-60 with 350hp. It's pretty competitive with a bunch of other $30K cars though (G35C, Z, etc.).

If i were in the market right now for a $30k car, I think this one would be the car i would buy. I like the styling, the performance is decent, and with a few mods you could be running with higher end Vettes.

That's true, it is very moddable. And I love the look. I bet it's pretty comfortable too.

Heres some interior pics for you, PD.

Looks great :cheers:

Car companies are wierd when it comes to tranny options.

Some cars had manual as a "no cost option" (like my car).

Some cars make the manual cost more (GTO, Corvette).

Then there are even others that make the auto cost more.

Some that make manual the only option (M3, M5).

Some that make auto the only option (Grand Prix).

And the few freaks that have the auto and manual as different performance options (Rx8).

I hate it when they give the auto and manual different performance ratings. :curse:

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I was under the impression that in general automatics cost more because they are bigger, more complex etc that manuals, and the corvette manual was more expensive because it's quite unique in that it is situated at the rear of the car. Anybody know if the same holds true for the manual in the GTO?

GTO is pretty sweet. It does quite well in it's price range, but I'd probably go for the Cobra if they are close in price.

I wonder if there will be a 'performance' version... dropping a tuned LS6 in there with 405 hp could be interesting.

Yeah, I would definitely pick the Cobra for the same price (and they are about the same price). It's hard to argue with 390hp and tons of torque.

The GTO is pretty nice looking and probably a little more modern, definitely more unique though.

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The problem with the GTO, Is wieght, Its so god damned heavy, So you put in some REAL seats, Take out the stereo, motors for the antena/windows/locks and get some real rims, and rubber, and Heads/Cams, and youll be Right with a z06's.

Carlos Carrera
fucking sweet car.... i love holdens.
def.. this is my next car. :troy:

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The Z06 weights 3,118 lbs., or 1,414 kg for those with metrics. It also packs 405 hp (302 kW) and 400 lb-ft (542 Nm). The upcoming GTO should weight about 3, 650 lbs. (the Australian Monaro CV8 weights 3,629 lbs. or 1,646 kg with a manual transmission). That’s a big difference, not only in power, but also in weight. To achieve the same power-to-weight ratio as a Z06, the GTO needs to either shed a lot of weight, or gain 124 hp or 92.5 kW.

Yeah I don't see many GTOs beating ZO6s anytime soon without substantial mods...

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Do you realize wat a heads/cam LS1 does? Most of my friends cars are f-bodys, Let me get kris to get on here, and explain it.

i think at this point i would snag a gto over most of its compitors (sans an evo or sti)

Enano Siniestro
Originally posted by SLP Addict
Do you realize wat a heads/cam LS1 does? Most of my friends cars are f-bodys, Let me get kris to get on here, and explain it.
I know heads and a cam work wonders, but not to the tune of 124hp. That needs more than just heads and a cam.

Enano Siniestro
Just as an example:

1997 - 2003 Corvette LS1, ZO6
Lingenfelter 5.7 L Engine package

430 BHP / 400 lbs-ft of torque

Package includes:
• Engine removal, inspection and disassembly
• CNC porting & polishing of cylinder heads
• LPE valve springs and lightweight valve spring retainers
• Stainless steel intake/exhaust valves
• Three angle valve job, set correct spring tensions & heights
• Custom designed LPE hydraulic roller camshaft
• Professional installation, testing and tuning
• Stainless steel exhaust by Corsa Performance
• Donaldson washable air inlet system
• Chassis dyno testing after installation
• LPE’s 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty

1997 - 2003 Corvette package price $6,895.00

Almost $7,000 dollars, 430hp, and a Z06 is still kicking your GTO-driving ass. Your power-to-weight ratio at this point, assuming a GTO weight of 3,650 lbs., is 8.49 lbs/hp. The Z06 leaves the factory with a ratio of 7.7 lbs/hp. You still need more power.

What he said.

The GTO is already down on HP and has a huge weight disadvantage compared to the ZO6. Heads and cams aren't going to make it beat the Vette...

Carlos Carrera
The Vette isnt the GTO competition. Stangs are.
But u can always import a HSV COUPE GTS and get 400hp. from a Holden :D

Well, you could always just do the "mild" stage II heads/cam package from SLP. It takes a 310hp ;) Z28 to 465hp.

And it only costs $2500.

Ignore vette costs from lingenfelter. You're paying for the name.

A turbo kit for the LS1 will get you almost 600hp, for $7k. And that's on pump gas. 93 octane. And still very very streetable.

Lingenfelter (roll eyes).


534rwhp / 687rwtq at a safe 12:1 A/F ratio.

1/4 mile of 11.44 @ 125.01

Price: $6499 plus installation

A little better deal than lingenfelter. ;)

So Carlos i guess youre on the boat with me. I love the GTO as well and if I had 30k to spend I would definitely make an early payment on it.

Carlos Carrera
Originally posted by lexus1581
So Carlos i guess youre on the boat with me. I love the GTO as well and if I had 30k to spend I would definitely make an early payment on it.

yep, maybe mid 2004 i will buy one... or late 2004... i hope.

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Thats exactly wat im saying, Lingenfelter is a GREAT tuner, But only for rich people who have ALOT of money to spend, But You also did not read the part of my post where it says to Lighten the car up, And a Stage II heads,Making it a lil lighter, and a big old cam, WILL make it run with a z06. If you dont belive me, Thats fine, But most of you dont hang out with people who have some of the fastest lt1/ls1's in the world, Namingly The owner of Madman motorsports, Who holds the record for worlds fastest lt1 last time i checked, Tell ya wat, Ill post some pictures of the cars im ALWAYS around if i go to JCI tonight.

This picture and sound byte convinced me.

I was mad at first because the car looked plain to me, but its has beautiful lines and a mean engine. The interior is excellent and the car should handle itself well. It looks like a winner for that bargain BMW they are trying to become.

Kudos to Lutz.

i want one, i doubt it will happen though, so damn expensive!!!

Carlos Carrera
Originally posted by Lotus
i want one, i doubt it will happen though, so damn expensive!!!

35K isnt expensive.....

an AUDI is expensive... :cry: :shitfaced
why im not rich? ....:woowoo:

Badass sounding engine. Thanks for the sound byte Cryogenic.:cheers: Did I just see a lot of people jump on my boat?

Carlos Carrera
Nha... the New Cobra its a GTO beater...
its just the emotion for the new... :troy:
When u see all America flooded with GTOs, is going to lost it charm :D

Carlos Carrera
Try to find the sound of a Boss 260 (350hp) Falcon XR8 engine.... now thats :troy: :troy: :troy:

I still give the best sound to the Cobra.:troy:

Carlos Carrera

Falcon XR8
Engine Boss 260....

Wouldn't you rather have the Boss 290 engine?

Carlos Carrera
of course! :troy: .... but i was comparing it with the GTO
The 290 its a HSV Competition.