View Thread: I've raced a few things recently...

...on my GSX-R. :)

Me vs. '97 911 TTS - GSX-R destroyed it. We took off through a section of twisty road and there was never anything like a contest, the car was simply destroyed. :badass:

Me vs. 998S Ducati: ditto. Only the bike held on to me pretty good through the curves, whereas in the straights I was running away from him with a good 20mph advantage. This thing looked the tits...

Me vs. ZRX1200 Kawi: He got the jump, I passed him in first gear on the back wheel. Both of us shit ourselves at the speed difference when he went to shift and I had 2K RPM left. All he saw was my wheel go flying past his head like a VCR on fast-forward. :)

Me vs. 200whp lightened Hayabusa: Guy couldn't get away from me and in the straights I actually walked up on him because I was on the throttle earlier. Both of us could not believe how fast the new gixxer is in a straight line. Then we blew past a police cruiser at 300km/h... and split. :nope:

Me vs. modified ST4 Ducati: Not a fair comparison.

Man, I can't get enough of this thing.

Nice pic from the weekend:

The ZRX is the third bike over from mine.

SLP Addict
Wats the black one, Its hard to find a bike that looks good all black, but when you do, they look bad ass.

It's not black, it's very dark Triumph green.

That's a Triumph Sprint ST. Not a bad sport-tourer, 955ci engine in it based on the Daytona 955i motor.

Originally posted by Shaman
Then we blew past a police cruiser at 300km/h... and split. :nope:

Nearly gave me heart palpitations. BTW, the ST4 is in that pic as well, the yellow bike.

Originally posted by Shaman

Then we blew past a police cruiser at 300km/h... and split. :nope:

Did I read that correctly? THREE hundred km/h? This equates to nearly 190 mph...holy crap. :troy:

Sia Bani
Awesome...just don't get yourself hurt!

300km/h is more like 180mph.

Oooooh, only 180? That's not too bad. :D

I'm sure you'll see a stick or rock or piece of tire or pothole way in time. :D

Then again, would those things even do anything?

If you're doing those speeds where there's likely to be debris in the road, or you aren't paying strict attention to everything around you, you'd damned well better have an angel on your shoulder. :)

So, what's the name of yours? ;)


I hate it when little things like those seem to just show up on the road, I hit a hunk of tire on a ninja before. Thank god for damb good balance!

I would be dead in a week.
I simply don't have the self discipline to drive a bike slow...thats why I sold my one and only bike ever years ago....Honda CB 750 four...

Rotary Boy
watch out for those ladders steve

And the odd piece of furntiture.......:eek: