View Thread: New Ford Territory SUV

What you see here is the concept version of the Ford Falcon based Ford Territory SUV, which is due on sale in Australia and New Zealand in the middle of 2004. It's believed to be very close to what the finished product will look like. Let's hope so!!!!

Carlos Carrera
looks like a Pacifica rip off...

Yeah, I was just going to say it looked nice but very much like the new Chrysler product.

Ford Australia has finally released official pic's of the all new Ford Territory SUV, 8 months before it's actually released. The Territory will be available in 2WD and AWD, 4.0 litre and 5.0 litre V8 and a choice of a 5 or 7 seater. There is also talk of a XR6 Turbo version as well!!

It's going to be a big seller over here!!

I like it. The lines kinda remind me of the new Volvo SUV a bit.